Gerber Soothe Colic Drops VS Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops

Baby’s doc recommended Gerber’s Soothe Colic Drops to make sure his little tummy is getting all the bacteria he needs. I’ve never heard or read this anywhere but doc said babies born via C-section often don’t get certain gut bacteria since they never go through mommy’s vagina.


Point is – let’s get some of those probiotic bacteria into baby. The only place I could find Gerber’s Soothe Colic Drops was Amazon, and I couldn’t get it on Prime for some reason. I ordered one but also looked at Target. They didn’t have the Gerber drops but had Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops.

They have the identical number of strains of bacteria, but the type of strain differs.

I tried MB’s Probiotic Drops on the baby first until the Gerber Colic Drops arrived. I liked that Mommy’s Bliss had a dropper thingy which made it seemingly easier to get the exact 5 drops into baby’s mouth.

Gerber has one of those built-in droppers. At first it didn’t work at all. Held it at 45 degrees as instructed on the packet. Nothing. Shook the bottle again, held it again at an angle..finally drops start pouring out, but too fast. Instead of 5 drops, I got 6 or 7.

Here’s a quick video comparing the dropper mechanisms between the Gerber Colic Calm and the Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops

When I did this video, the Gerber drops actually came out nice and smooth on the first try. Maybe the problem I experienced initially was just user error, or it just takes a few times until the dropper works properly.

In fact, I think the Gerber brings out the drops a little cleaner. I do still like that with the Mommy’s Bliss I seem to have more control. I like squeezing things, what can I say. That said, some folks seems to hate the Gerber dispenser according to some Amazon comments.

You either put the drops directly into baby’s mouth, or put it in formula (warm up first, THEN add drops) or if your baby is breast feeding you can put some drops on mommy’s nipples and see if baby takes it that way.

Overall, both the Gerber colic drops and the Mommy’s Bliss probiotic drops do the same thing – help baby poop, and relieve gas.

It worked right after the first time I gave him 5 drops. A few hours later I could hear his tummy rumble and sure enough, his diaper filled up with somewhat liquid baby poop (he’s breast fed btw).

So far it seems that both products are equally good at helping baby’s gas and poop situation. Prices 20 some bucks for the .17 ounce Gerber, and around $23 for the Mommy’s Bliss., which comes at 0.34 fl oz.

Considering you get more bang for your buck with Mommy’s Bliss, and they appear to do about the same, MB might be your best bet. Not exactly scientific here but hey, it’s a fricking baby blog, not The Lancet. 

Again, I could only find the Gerber drops at Amazon, but the MB probiotics were in the baby isle at my local Target (and also on Amazon).

Not cheap but might be worth it if your kiddo is possibly having gas/tummy troubles. Just make SURE you only give the recommended dosage (around 5 drops depending on age) and you clear it with the baby’s doc first.


Gerber Soothe Colic Drops 

Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic Drops



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