Taking Your Baby’s Temperature (Part III)  Best Practices

If you missed the first two parts, find them here:

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Now you know the basics of how to take a temperature and what to do when a fever comes.

Here’s what you need to do to be prepared. You will need to spend about $50-$75.

Buy the following things:

• IR Thermometer
• Digital Thermometer
• Infant Ibuprofen
• Infant Tylenol
• 2 liters of Pedialyte or equivalent


The IR Thermometer is useful but imperfect. It’s purpose is to use as a first line of defense/information only. It’s like a perimeter alarm in your yard that gives false positives when the neighbors cat wanders into the backyard. It’s useful but recognize its limitations.

The digital thermometer is essential. You will use it take rectal readings. The rectal reading is like a door alarm. It’s critical and if it gives you a high fever reading, you need to jump into action.

The infant ibuprofen is your first step in mitigating the fever. Use the chart to determine the dosage and write it down. You can administer it once every 6 to 8 hours.

The infant Tylenol can be used every four hours. The best practice is to use it in between the Ibuprofen doses. Ibuprofen is better at mitigating a fever and it doesn’t go through the liver like Tylenol.

Finally, have some Pedialyte on hand. Your sick grumpy baby may refuse to take a bottle of Pedialyte so what I do is put it in a large syringe and squirt it into the baby’ mouth. Hydration is critical for your little one.

And finally, if the fever is between 104 and 105, monitor it hourly and be prepared to go to the ER. Good luck Dad! You can do it!

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