Keeping a Baby Journal

No, we don’t care about your feelings.  You don’t need to buy a leatherbound volume and draw a unicorn on the front. That’s not the point of a baby journal. (Or if is, that’s a different blog.) It’s more like a network admin’s trouble-shooting log.

The point of the baby journal is to chart your baby’s day.  Everything from what they eat, when they pooped, what their temperature was if they have a fever, any developmental steps that you think are worth noting as well as absolutely anything else that might be helpful to have written down, e.g., “loved the spinach puree”.

I use Google Keep because it syncs to all my devices. Screencap from my phone attached.  This is really easy to do and very useful to have. I note the events in Google Keep and then once a week or so transfer them into a master log in Microsoft Word.

It’s really handy to have this and I recommend that you do it.

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