Baby Cam (yes, you need one)

The single most useful tool I have in my baby tool arsenal is my baby surveillance camera.  I have several. Mine are from Foscam although many brands are available.  They run about $100 each for a decent on and the configuration is a pain in the ass.  Once it’s set up though it’s indispensable.

My wife can use it on her iPad, I can use it on my Galaxy S7, we can check in from all the local computers on our network.

Although you can set it up for web access, unless you have a VPN and a very high level of computer security, I don’t recommend that.

Why do you need a baby cam?  So you can watch your baby of course!

The first one you’ll want to get is one to put over the baby’s crib.  This way you can keep an eye on your little one while they are sleeping and see when they’re awake or if they’re restless.

The second one you’ll want to get is for the baby’s play area. In my house I have a large playard in my living room and that’s where the second camera is. This enables me to step away for a moment and send an email or make dinner or whatever and keep my child in my view.

The one I recommend (with a few caveats) is the Foscam 19831P, which is a 1.3 megapixel H.264 wireless webcam.  It produces an excellent high-resolution image, good color and has night vision as well.

Installation is a pain in the ass, even if you’re a hard-core geek.  I’ll go into more detail about the exact installation procedures in another post, but figure it’s going to take you two hours to get it set up properly and if you can do it quicker, good on you.

Just go buy it! You’ll be glad you did.

For how to set it up, see Part 2, here:
Foscam Baby Cam, Part 2



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