Baby Cam Part 3  – Tips and Tricks

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Foscam Tech Support

How bad is Foscam Tech Support?  Imagine your cable company, your mobile phone company and the Harbor Freight help desk all rolled into one. It’s horrible! I’ve called 3 times and each time I’ve waited on hold for more than 90 minutes. Don’t go there if you can help it.

Home Network Only – No Internet Access

Do NOT put your baby cam on an open network or on the web.

Theoretically, if you’ve got a really locked down VPN, you could do this with some reasonable security, but there are numerous very good reasons not to starting with the fact that “https” doesn’t seem to work with the Foscam software so you’re stuck with “http.”  I’m not doing it for my kid and advise you not do this with your kid.

Critical Information

There are a few critical things that they don’t tell you in the FAQ, such as:

Password:  There is a 12 character limit on the password. It will fail if you use more than 12 characters. Nowhere in the documentation does it tell you this so I am telling you.

Browser Support: IE Only.  No support for any other browser

Things That Don’t Work Very Well

Audio: The audio sucks.  It’s barely audio at all. I did find that wrapping the antenna in aluminum foil gave me a better audio signal, but at the expense of the video signal. If you have a small place, try the foil trick. If not, forget about it.  You can also install an external microphone. I tried that as well with marginally better results. It may not be worth the bother.

Video Recording.  Doesn’t work very well or works intermittently.

Motion Detector – Doesn’t work very well or works intermittently.

Are you starting to get the picture?  The camera is great as a camera.  However, the more sophisticated features are very buggy. I’m not saying you couldn’t get it to work but you’d probably have to invest a significant amount of time into it to make that happen.  My advice is to appreciate it for what it is.

Multiple Cameras

The multiple cameras feature actually works fairly well. Each camera will need it’s own IP address of course.  To add a 2nd camera, you’re going to repeat the steps we outlined in the previous article except when you go into the Foscam browser module, you’re going to click Settings, Basic Settings and then Multiple Camera.

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