Child-proofing (Part 3) – The TV Strap

This one is pretty easy but absolutely essential.  Strap your TV.

Currently, in 2016, falling TVs are a leading cause of toddler injuries.  You’ll want to do this ASAP.

You’re going to need to buy the actual TV Strap. I used this one from Amazon and recommend it, but there are myriad options. This one is less than $20 and installs in ten minutes.

Secure Home TV Strap

To install it, you’ll need just three things: a Phillips #2 screwdriver, a stud-finder and a drill.  You can spend a lot of money on a fancy digital stud-finder, but really all you need is an old school magnetic one, like this one, which will set you back a whopping $7.64 from Amazon.

CH Hanson Stud Finder

The strap connects to your TV’s VESA mounting screw holes.  Look on the back of your TV and depending on the model, you’ll have either 2 or 4 screw holes and bolts.  Remove the bolts.  Attach one end of each of the straps to the VESA holes and secure them with the included bolts. A picture of how it attaches on my TV here:

VESA Mount
VESA Mount

Now you’ve got to use your stud-finder to find the studs.  The point is, you don’t want to secure the TV to the wall just into the drywall. That won’t work and your kid will pull the TV right out.  They need to be mounted into the 2×4 behind the wall which is where the stud-finder comes in.

Use the magnetic stud-finder to locate your studs.  The studs are assembled vertically, so simply mark the location with a pencil. Once you’ve identified two studs and marked the spot, use your drill to drill a pilot hole and then mount the other end of the strap with the included screws directly into the stud. Tighten it up and you’re good to go. Here’s a picture of how mine is mounted to the wall. (I lost one screw so I substituted another long wood screw in its place).

wall mount
Wall mount
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