Child-Proofing (Part 5) – A Bit More On Latches

There is one other latch product that we do highly recommend and that’s this one, the Munchkin Cabinet Latches.

Munchkin Cabinet Latches

These are $7.99 for 2 and a bit pricey, but they are super handy for certain kinds of cabinets, such as this one:

Munchkin Cabinet Latch in Use
Munchkin Cabinet Latch in Use

This weird little utility cabinet was catnip for my daughter who was constantly trying to get inside.  The Munchkin latch took literally 1 minute to install.

These are also very good for toilets, washers and dryers and so on.  The two latches each have an adhesive strip and two buttons. You open it by depressing one button.  From our experience they work great and we highly recommend this product.

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