Child-Proofing (Part 6) – Pipe Insulation, Your Best Friend

Pipe insulation.  What the hell is that and why would you want it?

Because it’s cheap and perfect.

On the one hand, you could  buy this on

Roving Cove Corner Protectors

This is a fancy and expensive product made for protecting sharp edges, such as on a glass coffee table. It looks like this:

Roving Cove Safe Edge Corner Guard
Roving Cove Safe Edge Corner Guard

And don’t get us wrong – if  you happen to have a glass table that you need to child-proof, this stuff is pretty good but very expensive at $15.99. It also may not be robust enough for what you’re trying to cover.

But here’s the thing: the pipe insulation is about 1/10th the price of the Roving Cove product, incredibly customizable and actually offers much more protection.  (And if you have glass tables, come on, just move them to the attic until baby is grown anyway!).

At $1.59 for an 8′ length, you really can’t beat the pipe insulation.

pipe insulation 2

You can cover anything and everything with this stuff. Here’s an example of an outstanding use for it – covering the rough edges of a stone fireplace.

Pipe insulation.
Pipe insulation on a fireplace.

Basically, this stuff is a long hollow tube of heavy foam.  In order to work with it, you’re going to need two tools, a utility knife and some heavy duty duct tape.

Olfa Utility Knife

Max Strength Duck Tape

You’re then going to cut the tube of pipe insulation into the appropriate length and then slit it down one side to wrap it around the edge that you’re trying to protect.  Finally, you’re adhere it to the surface with the heavy-duty duct tape.  And voila, you’re done.

And since you can buy 20′ of it for less than $5.00, we’re going to call this a best value.

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