Child-Proofing (Part 7) Firearms

Nothing is more important than protecting your child from firearms.

First of all, in 2015, one person a week was shot by a toddler as this article in the Washington Post points out.

One person a week shot by a toddler

That is just crazy, particularly when it’s so preventable.

If you’re a “gun fancier” we’re going to assume you also spent the coin on a $700 or $800 fancy gun safe, the kind that holds a dozen rifles. Those are great, if you have long guns and need the space.

However, this article is aimed at the typical city dweller who probably owns a single handgun.  In that case, you’re going to want a product like the one at the top of the article, available here on Amazon.

Stack-On PDS 500 Drawer Safe

Once again, let’s be clear on what this is and what this isn’t. This will absolutely stop your toddler from grabbing your gun. It will not stop a thief who will simply rip it out of the drawer and walk away with it nor would it stop anybody over the age of 12 who could figure out how to open it.  But for what it is, it’s perfect.

It’s cheap, it bolts into a drawer and it locks.  You’re going to want to have your handgun unloaded and locked in this safe at all times if you have a toddler.  It’s $40 – don’t take a chance!

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