Our car seat cost more than a good A/V receiver and had a manual that 300+ pages long.  I’m not kidding.

It’s one of those things that seems like an incomprehensible riddle the first time you do it but after you know what you’re doing is quite easy.  For example, we didn’t even know that cars had these little car seat hooks in the back seat until we had a baby.  But they do!

There are many choices but we’re going to review the one that we use which is the undisputed king of car seats, the Britax B-Safe 35:

Britax B-Safe 35 Travel System

The Britax is recommended for several reasons:

  • Top rated for safety
  • Works impeccably
  • The modular system is great for multi-car families
  • The ability to shift your child from the car to the stroller is extremely convenient

The only “cons” we can think of with this seat are that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to remove the car seat from the base and it also can be a bit hot if you happen to live in a hot climate.

These faults are less significant to us than its extremely sturdy and robust construction.  We feel like our child is extremely safe in this seat.


There are 3 pieces in the system.  1) The car-seat base which you connect to car via the hidden baby seat hooks in the back seat. 2) the actual car seat itself; and 3) the stroller.

Here’s a picture of the seat installed:

Note that we’ve used a pool noodle as a wedge to secure it extra tight.  This is the simple (and $2.00 solution) to make sure there’s no extra wiggle room.

And here’s the stroller:

The stroller is extremely robust and folds easily so it fits in your trunk.  It is rated for up to 55 pounds.  It’s just a terrific stroller and it works for joggers and runners too. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to simply swing your child from the car into the stroller when you arrive at your destination and the folded up stroller fits very easily in a medium sized trunk.  It also has ample storage underneath the seat as well as a very nice sun canopy.  We have found that when we are visiting friends, our child easily goes to sleep in the stroller.

We really can’t recommend this system highly enough.  If you’re lucky enough to find one on Craig’s List, go for it, otherwise get out your credit card and pony up the $300+ bucks.  It’s worth it.

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